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Radar Pictures


FPS-8 Tower under construction (as viewed from CPS-6B tower window)

Hmmmm No one told us the FPS-8 was in kit form, in 100+ boxes!!!!


FPS-8 Tower with some of the radar equipment inside before skin went on. Bldg on left was Gnd to Gnd radio Maintenance shop.

Somewhere in a very big box there is a very big bubble


Original CPS-6B tower and bubble.


Very Nice shot of the Expanded Ops Bldg with FPS-8 to the left and CPS-6B to the right

FPS-8 tower on left behind bldg. Dennis Reber wrote and said the Bldg on the left was the Ground to Ground Radio Maintenance shop where he worked for twelve months (Dec 1957 - Dec 1958).Thank you Denny.  On the right the CPS-6B tower with walkway being added

The Ops expansion construction can be seen above and behind the truck on the right. 

I think that's Bob Lombard up there.


Newly completed FPS-8 Tower.   Few will know how cold and hard it was to install that bubble.

After unfolding the very cold, very stiff, and VERY HEAVY bubble we crawled under it with flashlights, big screwdrivers and wrenches. We drug it around until the first hole was on a stud and repeated for the next two. Then installed a curved plate with 3 washers and nuts to complete the first segment. Was real battle to stretch the edge to get the next holes over the studs using a screwdriver. I recall we finally found a piece of pipe we could insert through the hole in the bubble lip and then put it over the stud and pry and slide the hole down over the stud.  We worked our way around the bubble repeating the plate install until complete. We all escaped down through the hatch and airlock and then turned on the blower.  The Antenna was installed later.


Inside the FPS-8 bubble